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Billet A Player For The Season!

Billet. ... Billets are families who invite junior players into their homes to be a part of their family during the hockey season. The billet family provides housing and support to young men who have moved away from home to pursue their dreams of playing the game they love.

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What is a billet family?

Many players leave home to play Midget and Junior hockey. A billet or host family home is where a player lives during the season. This is a player’s home-away-from-home.

Are billet families paid?

A pre-established fee of $500 per player per month is paid directly to the billet family. This helps with additional household expenses, especially food and drink. Billet families are asked to provide three meals per day and snacks for their players.

Is there a “typical” host family?

Host families may be two-parent families, single-parent families, and, occasionally an “empty nester.” The common denominator is a desire by the family to make a difference in a player’s life.

Can a family host more than one player?

Yes. Two (or more) players can share transportation expenses, and often provide company for one another. The only requirement is that each player has adequate space/living arrangements. Each player is expected to have his own bed, closet or dresser, and acceptable access to a restroom.

How long does a player stay?

Players arrive in mid-August. The host family commitment is through the end of the hockey season. Sometimes an arrangement is made between the player’s family and the billet family for the player to stay until the end of the school semester; however, this is rare.

Who pays if a player is injured or needs medical attention during his stay?

Players must have medical insurance from their own families. Billet parents are never responsible for medical payments.

Will players join our family for personal events?

You are welcome to invite players to join you for family celebrations or activities; however, it is not mandatory for you to do so. All players will have time off at the holidays.

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